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 American Range Hybrid Range
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 Model: 30" HYBRID Range ARR-30-2-HB
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 Manufacturer: American Range
 American Range Product

         American Range has again shattered professional cooking paradigms with the creation of the HYBRID Range™. The HYBRID Range™, an industry first, combines gas and induction cooking technology with our innovative Step-Up Range™ burner configuration in a single, free-standing range. Available in 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch sizes the HYBRID Range™ provides commercial grade fire-power and efficiency with ergonimic functionality.

 Standard Features:
          Innovection™ Convection System – utilizing dual convection motors which provide superior baking performance


  • Convection Bake, Dehydrate and Defrost
  • Standard Bake and Broil
  • Industry’s largest oven cavity at 3.71 cu. ft.
  • 30,000 BTU hidden bake oven burner
  • 15,500 BTU Inconel® banquet broiler burner produces 1,500°F broiling temperatures
  • Commercial grade stainless steel construction and insulation
  • Commercial grade high temperature porcelain oven interior
  • Two oven lights
  • 3 oven racks with 6 rack positions


  • Front Burners: (1) 3,000 Watts, (1) 2,800 Watts
  • Rear Burners: (1) 13,000 BTU and (1) 9,000 BTU
  • Sealed burners simmer at 140°F, all with infinite setting controls
  • Sealed, one-piece, stainless steel burner top surface
  • Child safe push-and-turn top burner controls
  • All top burners have flame sensing reignition in the event the flame goes out
  • Blue LED indicator lights for each burner
  • Continuous and flush commercial grade grates allow for easy transferring of pots and pans across the entire cooking surface
  • 4" back guard


Step-Up Range™
Most French and Italian cuisine restaurants utilize Sauté / Step-up ranges given the heavy use a sauté pans to support à la carte entrées. A Sauté / Step-up range with its elevated rear burners affords the chef easy access to sauté pans placed on the rear burners. Therein, pan handles can be directed in same direction allowing the respective chef to orchestrate multiple entrées, sauces, mirepoix and/or mise en place. 

High Efficiency Saute Induction Front Grate
High heat is required when sauteing or pan-frying. American Range has equipped the 36" model with 3,400 watts, 2,800 watts and 1,800 watts front induction burners. In addition, we designed the front induction burners to accommodate 16" diameter saute pans or stock pots. Therein the home chef has flexibility to utilize multiple tools over the expansive cooking surface.

Commercial Grade Broiler Burner
Our Sauté / Step-up ranges include our commercial grade Banquet™ Broiler Burner. Constructed utilizing Inconel® (a super alloy developed to withstand high heat and abuse), the 15,500 BTU infrared broiler burner delivers broiling temperatures of 1,500°F; perfect for searing steak and fish. This respective burner is utilized in our commercial products.

Innovection™ Convection Oven Technology
Even, turbulent heat distribution is essential when baking, roasting, and dehydrating food. The American Range patented Innovection™ Convection Oven Technology utilizes dual convection motors and louvered side panels to enhance uniform heat distribution throughout the large oven cavity. The strategic placement of the dual Innovection™ convection motors, blended with the innovative louvered side panel design ensures consistent heat distribution; even when challenged with cooking the largest turkey, ham or roast. Additional value-added features include:
  1. Reduced gas consumption by 20 percent compared to a standard oven given the oven cavity is not relying on radiant heat to bake.
  2. Faster pre-heat time versus standard convection
With consistent air temperature circulating inside the oven, the entire cooking cavity heats quicker, cutting baking/searing/roasting time by as much as 25 percent. The results are remarkable!

Largest Oven Cavity in its class!
At 3.7cu ft, American Range’s oven cavity is the largest currently available in its respective class. The technology and design is taken from our commercial baking ovens, which are currently utilized in world-renown kitchens as Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Café Grey NYC. The vast oven cavity design is able to accommodate ½ size commercial sheet pans (18" x 13"). Our 24" oven cavity is as large as other brand's 30" oven cavity!  The amazingly large oven cavity will make quick work of the largest dinner party entrées.

Rear Sealed Burners
American Range has equipped the Sauté /Step-Up range™ with 13,000 BTU and 9,000 BTU rear sealed burners. Therein, the home chef can focus their attention, when sautéing, on the front burners while still having unrestricted access to rear burners for finishing or simmering. All the sealed burners simmer at 140°F.
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