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      The copper that creates its extraordinary presence is also what gives Cop•R•Chef its extraordinary performance. The heavy-gauge copper outer layer produces unparalleled evenness of heat, allowing precise control for delicate recipes.  

Cop•R•Chef is a gleaming example of All-Clad artisanship. Depending upon your preference, Cop•R•Chef can be polished to a high luster, or allowed to antique, naturally, for a more traditional appearance. 

 Cop•R•Chef is an ideal choice for professional chefs and gourmet cooks who desire supreme control and a classic copper aesthetic.

10" COP-R-CHEF Fry Pan
12" COP-R-CHEF Fry Pan
3 Qt COP-R-CHEF Sauce Pan
4 Qt COP-R-CHEF Sauce Pan w/ Lid
3 Qt COP-R-CHEF Saucier Pan

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